Chicago Stories – what it’s all about  

This portrait project came about from a need to meet people in this new city that we were now calling home. I know, I thought, I can take photos of everyone and that way I’ll meet everyone! Well that initial seed has now grown up into a rather wiser little shoot.

Recently I’ve been wearily watching world politics with a growing sense of dismay and alarm. It seems to be a very divisive moment in history, where bridges are being burnt (metaphorically speaking), walls being built and fear and suspicion are taking hold. I have no answers and am no politician but in response to global news I’ve been inspired to create a project about building bridges through photography. My aim is to  create a space where portraits and quotes from people of all colours, economic levels, religions and ethnicities stand side by side, expressing their common humanity in a dignified way. I know – I sound like a hippie!

The show is about joy and the things we love. I want it to be uplifting- like a large group hug!  It’s my little contribution to this city that has embraced us and made us feel at home.

Pic: Chicago skyline, as seen from Lincoln Park, Chicago

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